The eye-catching lines of the Kuga come to the fore in the ST-Line X model.
One of the FordPass app functions is remote locking/unlocking of the vehicle.

Ford – Kuga

It’s easily said: the new Ford Kuga is so stunning because it’s an Italian design. But hey, it's true. The stylist is Nico Tonello, an authentic Piedmontese who has been with Ford since 1988 and is now head of exterior design. The Kuga’s dynamic forms are inspired by its big sister the Focus (also by Tonello), and based on a human-centred design approach that interprets customer needs and translates them into appropriate shapes.

The upshot is more refined aerodynamics, a slimmer silhouette and sportier proportions given by a longer hood, a sharper angle for the rear window and a lower roofline. All this, and softer edges, makes it look more compact than it is – eight centimetres longer than its predecessor. The interior is more versatile (with sliding rear seats) and more spacious (the wheelbase is two centimetres longer) than before. Here, American stylists adopted less revolutionary features, like a fluid dashboard extending horizontally, but still far from the vertical central console that dominated the dashboard in the old Fords.

The top-of-range set-up, inspired by the Ford Performance models, is intended for drivers who enjoy a bit of sporty aggression. It includes black longitudinal roof rails, large 18-inch alloy wheels, a front honeycomb grille, sporty metal pedals and specific customisable aesthetic touches. Obviously, it is also available as a hybrid.

Motor: hybrid

Power: 225 CV

Autonomy: 56 km

Price euro: 42.000


Article published on the Summer issue of ICON DESIGN.