A key concept at Lexus is the principle of omotenashi – the Japanese philosophy of hospitality, the ability to anticipate the needs of customers.

Lexus UX Hybrid

Lexus, the Toyota-owned premium brand, was originally intended for the American market (the name means Luxury Exports to the United States), but is very much appreciated in Europe and Italy, too, for its distinctively designed models, ecological engines and attention to detail in which the best of Japanese craft tradition converges.

The Lexus newcomer is a compact crossover called the UX. This latest-generation Full Hybrid is powered by a gasoline engine and a potent electric power train. Its strong personality is given by sculpted flanks with sharp profiles and squared wheel arches, while the relatively low roof and sloping rear window are like those of a coupé. Other distinctive elements are the front (dominated by a huge hourglass mask); 120-LED rear lights; dashboard trim inspired by washi, a thin, handmade Japanese paper; and climate controls lit by LEDs and powered by wireless electric induction. There’s more: the leather upholstery is stitched according to traditional Japanese sashiko, a sewing technique used for judo and kendo garments to ensure quality and resistance.

The leather is adorned with actual red stitching.
The cockpit is built on horizontal lines and the doors feature coloured inserts.
The transmission tunnel with beverage holder and leather-covered gear-shift.
The fabric treatment of the seats is inspired by traditional Japanese hand-stitching.

The windows slide silently, and the wipers stop automatically when the doors are opened to avoid wetting anyone getting in or out. A key concept at Lexus is the principle of omotenashi – the Japanese philosophy of hospitality, the ability to anticipate the needs of customers even before they arise, to take care of the details and show gratitude. Workmanship is refined, and specific machinery was built to support traditional skills. Lexus is renowned for employing takumi (master craftspeople) who are involved in all stages of car development, design and production.

Their keen eyes check that the interior upholstery is perfect. In the Quiet Room, their ears weigh all the cars' sounds, starting with the doors, before they leave the factory. Everything has to be in harmony, as expressed by the term engawa, meaning that the design is defined by seamless continuity between interior and exterior. Ergonomics are driver-focused and human-centred. Music is part of it. The hi-fi system in the Lexus UX envelops the driver, and is able to play all digital audio formats with the maximum fidelity. A curious fact is that the speaker diaphragm is made of bamboo charcoal to reproduce sound as naturally as possible. Safety features extend to the details. The Lexus Safety System+ is standard and includes All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist.

In other words, the driver sets the cruise speed and the car keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front, accelerating or slowing as needed. Finally, for those who want to impress, a special edition is the UX Hybrid Midnight, a graphite black version with exclusively designed 18” matt black alloy rims with silver profiles.

Motor F-hybrid

Power 184 CV

Consumption km/l 24

Price 31.900*


*Price includes a 5,500-euro discount from Lexus called “hybrid bonus”. No trading in or demolishing necessary.